The extraordinary influence of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon’s work is internationally acknowledged, yet the bulk of his work have been difficult to access, largely stored in domestic conditions or temporary storage. In 2012, Aalborg University became the guardian of the first half of a large archive collection remaining in the family’s belonging. Since then, the collection has grown steadily with the kind support of numerous parties, and eventually ‘completed’ by Utzon Center in 2017 by securing the second half the family archive in celebration of Utzon centenary anniversary in 2018.

The process of digitalising the archive for research, exhibition and publication purposes is an ongoing process. At this point the digitalised archive consists of more than 4.700 drawings, photographs, documents and private film records, however, the physical collection is much more comprehensive, so the body of work made available via this site continues to grow. We charge a handling fee every time publishers, exhibition venues, researchers, etc. need further material digitalized; a fee that goes toward expanding the digital collection further, so Utzon’s creative universe can be made widely accessible for Utzon-aficionados, students, academics, artist, and architects alike. Hence, if there is any material you are specifically interested in, however cannot find it on this site, please do get in touch. We may be able to help you.

The registry of the physical archive is made available here in Danish and English.



There is much personal history caught up in the process of building a comprehensive and internationally significant archive collection such as this one. Indeed, if the collection is found useful, it is thanks to the co-operation and contributions of many people. Aalborg University and Utzon Center are sincerely grateful for all of those who have supported this project along the way, but there is, nevertheless, a few collaborators that deserve a special mention:

After the Utzon Center’s opening in 2008, the archive collection was initiated by Aalborg University in 2012, who acquired the first half of the family’s archive for exhibition, research and educational purposes. The fundation stone of the digital archive was then laid by the Danish Architectural Press, who placed more than 2000 scanned drawings in our belonging, thank you. In 2014, Aalborg University was able to further acquire a number of unpublished sketchbooks and architectural drawings with the unfailing support from the Beckett Foundation. In 2017, Utzon Center secured the second and final part of the family’s archive compromising unpublished sketch books, architectural drawings, original films, photographs, etc. with the generous support from Realdania. Finally, gratitude is extended to Aalborg City Archive, who have given the archive collection a permanent home, and to private people, who continue to place drawings, letters, photographs, etc. in our guardianship. Thank you all.


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